Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I made some things

Dear God,
Let the beautiful photos of the things I forgot to post rid me of the guilt of eating them,

The midwest was a place of beautiful baking with counters so spacious the eye could not see the end (maybe a bit of an exaggeration). I can't help but make something & drag people in with me when I am there.

First I was in Michigan where I decided I must make some red velvet scones. Red Velvet was on my mind for whatever reason & I had someone state the would eat said red velvet scones and I was off to the races.

Then I went to Indiana and somehow bamboozled my mother in to aiding and abedding my cookie shenanigans. I made the cake batter cookies that had been pinned on Pinterest --- with a few changes-- I won't tell you what because it would tell you that my math skills have deteriorated along with many of my motor skills post baby.

They turned out fine, thank the lord... there were just...a lot more of them than we expected.

Then for valentines I made choc covered Oreos. Yum.

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